Social securityIt’s obviously fun to share and connect on social networking platforms. It’s also a good place for many people to learn different things, remain updated about current occurrences, stay connected with family and friends, and even look for job opportunities. But due to the lack of proper security measures, this can be a great threat to your privacy and with a steadily increasing number of smartphone users, this seems nothing but worrying. It can be risky enough to share too much of personal information on social networks or neglecting to deploy robust security and privacy settings. It can invite cyberattackers into your personal space, hackers to gain access to your confidential data and may even cost you a job. Hence, it makes great sense to have all-around protection like having a good VPN service whenever you connect to the internet. For smartphone users, here’s a piece worth reading on why you should get virtual private network for iPhone. Check out the common blunders people often make when using social networks.

  • Being controversial: People may have the same or different opinion on various topics, including the controversial ones. However, commenting on everything without doing research isn’t a good idea. It’s important to keep in mind that whatever side you choose, your opinion or comments will be seen by everyone following you on social platforms. Hence, it’s advisable to conduct adequate research on any national and international context before you post your comment on a controversial topic.


  • Leaving security exposed: Personal information like bank data, purchase of goods, localization etc shouldn’t be shared on social platforms. Things like financial activities, places you visit often don’t need to be displayed openly for everyone to see.



  • Cybercrime_ReportClicking anything you come across: Though there’re various links that all of us need to click, that doesn’t mean you need to click on all suggested links without verifying their security. A lot of information gets shared across social media and many of them can contain malicious links, which would easily infect your computer or smartphone, making your personal and sensitive information exposed to hackers, thus causing you great losses and tremendous emotional distress.


  • Sharing other’s information: It’s important to obtain other’s consent before you post anything related to them. You should never post other’s messages, testimonials or images of other people without their approval.


Using secure, encrypted connection is perhaps the best way to maintain your privacy and security. You should have a good safety strategy and a robust internet connection in place to use social media. You should refrain from the above blunders and take precautionary measures like using a VPN service for browsing social media platforms safely. Read why you should get NordVPN for iPhone to have a solid understanding of internet security.